Log Lines

Below you will find log lines for Talmarc Film Productions completed screenplays, written by award winning author, Thadd Turner. To learn more about a specific screenplay, please click the "Learn More" link.

Rodeo Clown (Action)
Bullfighter competing in the shadows of his father struggles to make the World Finals. [Learn More]

Buttermilk Sky (Family)
Out of work cowboy and smart mouth orphan girl are chased by a Texas Sheriff. [Learn More]

Gold Run (Action)
DEA agents run for their lives after a gold heist goes bad in Mexico.

East of Yuma (Western)
Yuma Marshall tracks down the killers of his uncle. [Learn More]

The Magic Season (Sports)
Down and out baseball team discover an old bag of equipment used by the 1928 World Champion Yankees and start to win again. [Learn More]

Johnny Kidd (Family Adventure)
Teenager discovers his family are real pirates from another century. [Learn More]

The Hard Ride (Western)
Legendary lawmen and friends take on a gang of outlaws. [Learn More]

Bloody Knuckles (Action)
Three street fighters take down a crime boss. [Learn More]

Palominas (Action)
Rancher and alcoholic Sheriff fight to save a small town. [Learn More]

Diamond Rose (Romance)
Can Sophia find love again on a New Mexico horse ranch ran by three single brothers? [Learn More]

Lottie Deno (Western)
Female gambler stays one turn of the card ahead of her past. [Learn More]

Taxidermist (Horror)
Stranded motorist are terrorized at a remote bed & breakfast. [Learn More]

The Rez (Action)
DEA agent makes a stand on the Mexico border. [Learn More]