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We are Filmmakers!

From Script to Screen...

From Script to Screen, Talmarc Film Productions loves making movies! 

SCRIPTS: An award-winning writer, Talmarc owner Thadd Turner is a believer that "every character and character dialogue must have a reason to be on the page", which translates to fine-tuned scripts that actors love & viewers demand.

PRODUCTION: Movie-making should be a fun adventure turning story ideas into profitable films!  Talmarc Film Productions consistently assembles creative and talented crew to reach this end, and has been honored working with legendary editor Corky Ehlers (Gettysburg, Gods & Generals, Lonesome Dove), exceptional cinematographer Virgil Harper (Tremors), and multi-faceted cinematographer Paolo Casio (The Internship, Vampire Diaries). As movie-making is a team effort, Talmarc knows it is important to be amongst committed professionals.

SCREEN: Check out trailers for a few of Talmarc's films: FILMOGRAPHY