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Merry's Christmas

Log Line

When a winsome waitress becomes a Christmas Coordinator for a widower and his three kids, she finds herself falling in love with the family she's never had!

Script Info
Script Type: Feature
Genre: Family
Est. Budget: Less than $2M

Screenplay Synopsis
Desperate to make ends meet on a fixed salary, and about to spend another lonely Christmas by herself with her tabby cat Rudy, enthusiastic and winsome waitress, Merry Hopper, takes a temp job as a Christmas Coordinator for a handsome widower, Daniel Bell, a successful banker.

Merry promises Daniel and his new girlfriend Catherine, daughter of the bank owner, that she can help put together a traditional Christmas full of holiday cheer and yuletide delight for his three kids, 14-year-old twins Tara and Hayden, and 8-year-old son Oliver “Ollie”.  Merry will make their holiday season the most wonderful time in years.  Daniel's mother Joan sees something special in Merry and the way Merry relates to the whole family. But all that potential is lost on Daniel, who only has eyes for Catherine.

As the Bell family “haves” of upper society collide with the blue collar “have nots” of Merry’s modest world, she finds herself falling head-over-heels for the perfect family she's never had.  Falling into the kid's parent trap, Merry's feeling blossom for Daniel, who finds himself spending more time with Merry and his children preparing for Christmas holiday, than with his bride-to-be Catherine.

While Merry quickly spreads holiday cheer throughout a household still dealing with the loss of their mother a few years earlier, the children begin to realize what they have been missing most of all from their own lives – a true friend that can make them laugh, cry and love again.  Joan considers this a blessing. Soon the entire family is to warming to Merry as one of their own, much to Catherine’s dismay, but gentle understanding. She too wants Daniel and his children happy, though it may come with a self-sacrificial price tag.

In the end, the whole family finds comfort together, as they realize that they have a lot to learn about discovering the true joys of Christmas.