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Virtually Mine

Log Line

Heart-broken aspiring actress Kate Valentine rents an Imaginary Boyfriend from Internet romance broker Virtually Mine, only to fall in love.

Script Info
Script Type: Feature
Genre: Family
Est. Budget: Less than $2M

Screenplay Synopsis
Devastated to think that she's lost her steady beau Dustin to another ingénue, aspiring actress Kate Valentine consoles herself by renting an Imaginary Boyfriend from Internet romance broker Virtually Mine, hoping to forget about Dustin as soon as possible.

Kate's Imaginary Boyfriend “Eric” sends her flowers. He calls her to check on her day and texts sweet nothings, plucking at her already tender heartstrings. As the lines between make-believe and reality begin to blur, Kate finds herself longing for true love again, never knowing that it might be much closer than she actually thinks. Perhaps right next door.

In this modern day twist on Cyrano de Bergerac, Charlie Butters, an underdog IT guy for Virtually Mine has it bad for his next door neighbor Kate. In a bit of Internet social media magic, Charlie becomes the unseen operator behind Eric's insanely handsome face.  Of course it’s a secret that has Charlie’s heart pounding, because just the sight of Kate makes him swoon for her. Unfortunately for Charlie, real life dating and relationships have never been a part of his social calendar. He excels at facilitating arm's length romance through Virtually Mine, but he’s never applied those true feelings and emotions to a living person. Until now.

Truth be told, Charlie has never really dated a girl, let alone talked to one romantically. It’s not like Charlie is all that bad to look at, but with his shyness with women, it’s all he can do to function normal around Kate whenever they bump into each other in the hallway. It’s about all a lonely man like Charlie can do to put two words together in her presence.  After all, she’s the girl of his dreams. She’s sweet.  She’s kind. She’s also prettier than a fresh-picked daisy.

Charlie knows it’s crazy to think he could compete for Kate’s attention with the rest of the world. And it’s just easier to hide behind the face model of her Imaginary Boyfriend Eric.  Which works for a while, until Kate’s ex-boyfriend, Dustin, decides to try and make amends with her.  It only gets worse when Kate bumps into Eric and takes a shine to her. The only way Charlie can compete against Dustin and Eric for Kate's heart is by coming clean with her in the real world. It's now or never for Charlie. But maybe, just maybe, this romantic underdog's wildest dreams of finding genuine love with Kate could come true.