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I Will Stand

Log Line

An award winning music producer struggles with his faith
after he plagiarizes the lyrics of a dying boy’s song.

Script Info
Script Type: Feature
Genre: Family
Est. Budget: Less than $3M

Screenplay Synopsis
Open on a big city skyline, tall buildings and busy city streets, now moving inside a large auditorium to the annual National Music Awards where Eddie Mansfield, a struggling music producer and songwriter, is announced as the winner for Best Song of the Year for his Christian themed hit song, “WAIT UPON THE LORD.”  An unusual win in the predominantly oriented R&B and Hip Hop music age.  Eddie is stunned, but over joyous all at once.  His wife Ginny grabs him in worthy praise, as Eddie ascends the stage in front of the bright cameras and lights, accepting his coveted award.

When asked in a magazine interview what prompted him to write the hit song, Eddie only says he ‘found the lyrics’ while praying. Eddie’s business partner, Rex Miller, an atheist, thinks prayer is a waste of time.  He pushes Eddie to write the next big hit as he wants to keep riding this wave of success. Soon after, Ginny notices that Eddie seems sullen and upset all the time. He’s easy to anger with her and their two children. He isn’t revealing that he is hiding a deep secret. 

Sound assistant, Josh Daniels, a fellow Christian, tries to offer Eddie encouragement as he can see that Eddie is bothered about something more than just his music. Ginny suggests that Eddie speak with their church pastor, which only angers him. Tammy Smith, the young songwriter that sang their hit song, brings Eddie a new song she wrote “I WILL STAND”. Eddie listens to the remarkable lyrics, but feels it sounds too much like what he is suffering through right now. He refuses to record the song and says that he’s done with Christian music. Rex is losing patience with Eddie and decides to hold songwriter auditions looking for their new hit.  Rex tells Eddie just pick one of the new songs and rewrite it with his name on it. No one will care. This troubles Eddie, his secret burden feels heavier.

With continued friction at home, Eddie finally confides his dark secret to Ginny; he didn’t write “WAIT UPON THE LORD”.  He heard the song when visiting out-of-town friends at a church social. The song was written by a twelve-year-old boy, Joey Small, who wrote the lyrics from talking with God; Joey was dying of cancer and the song was a testimony of his acceptance of his fate and devotion to Christ.  Eddie simply changed some of the lyrics and recorded the song. He thought Joey would be gone soon and no one would know his deceit. Ginny is astounded and shocked. She can’t believe Eddie would do this, let alone ask her to keep his secret intact. Ginny loves Eddie, but she wants him to tell everyone the truth. 

Eddie’s burden is now unbearable. Rex tells Eddie that a man named Hank Small has arrived at the studio. Something about a song his son Joey wrote.  Eddie is frozen with fear.  His deceit now about to be exposed to Rex and the world. Eddie starts apologizing to Hank and begs forgiveness. Hank tells Eddie to please stop, that it’s okay. Joey was so excited to hear his song played on the radio that he died happy and peaceful. He wants to thank Eddie for helping Joey meet God on his own terms. Eddie is devastated, his guilt overwhelming. A broken man, that night at home he kneels and begins to pray, crying, asking for God's grace to forgive his sin. He suddenly rises and begins to write the lyrics to a new song, the words flowing quickly, “WHO AM I / IF I PRAY”.  The words honest and painful.  This is Eddie’s salvation moment.  He finishes the song giving his life back to Jesus Christ.  He goes to Ginny and she forgives him.

Eddie holds a news conference and tells the world of his deceit.  Everything earned from “Joey’s song” will be given to charity.  Eddie will only produce songs that spread God’s message of unconditional love.  The next scene is inside the recording studio, where Tammy sings “I WILL STAND”, it’s a beautiful song of strength and salvation.  Rex is there with Josh and Eddie, now believing a bit more about honoring one’s commitment to faith.  As Eddie looks to heaven and thanks God for His forever forgiveness and grace.