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Bloody Knuckles

Log Line
Three street fighters take down a crime boss.

Script Info
Script Type: Feature
Est. Budget: Less than $1M

Screenplay Synopsis
Open on the blood stained streets of Liberty City, where dark shadows fall over a noisy crowd of on lookers, tattooed, violent, loud, they cheer for two men beating each other inside the ‘ring of blood’. Large Mexican, cut and bleeding, slams a smaller Asian against the hood of an old sedan, swings at him repeatedly with his fists, missing, the Asian dodging the vicious blows, he grabs the larger man in a head lock, bashing him with fists of furry, connecting on multiple shots to the body and head, working himself away, spinning and kicking like caged lightening, then delivering the knockout blow. Meet twenty-five year old Lee.

Prison cell door slams shut as shirtless inmate, chiseled, breathes steady and pumps out push-ups on the bare concrete floor. Skin head thugs enter the cell, deadly intent, home-made shanks, they approach the inmate on the floor who quietly stops and rises to his feet. Channing Tatum good looks, muscled, patient, he watches another moment, then quickly smashes the first skin head in the throat, grabs the second by the arm and cracks his elbow backwards, punching him in the face as he does so, breaking his nose, slams the first into the cell wall knocking him out. Second skin head screaming, bloody face, trying to straighten his mangled arm, receives a kick to the knee cap, it shatters, both skin heads now collapsed on the floor. Meet twenty-six year old John Boy.

Massive biker, older, street fighter, mentor, brawler, pulls up in front of his favorite watering hole and parks his outfitted Harley. Muscled with large shaved head and bigger fists, he proudly wears his club’s leather vest and displays several knife and gunshot wounds that cover his arms and chest. He looks toward the entrance of the watering hole as rough looking bikers cringe in fear and scramble from his sight. The mountain of a man steps off his bike and swaggers fearless toward the front door. Meet forty-five year old Brutus.

Brutus finds Lee and the just released John Boy inside, they’ve just broken up his girlfriend Vicki’s bar and he’s not happy. John Boy has some choice words and Brutus quickly puts him in his place. It’s business as usual. He discovers that the boys once trained with his father, Granger, a seventy year old boxing instructor who adopted Brutus as a kid and owns a popular gym in one of the lower wards of the city. Granger works with the inner city kids, giving them life values and self-esteem. Brutus and Granger have a common enemy in crime boss Masoni who is taking Liberty City apart one neighborhood at a time trying to claim the same innocent kids that Granger is trying to protect. Masoni’s henchmen are bloody and either you work with Masoni or die. There’s no in-between. Masoni is spreading drugs and pain throughout the city, corrupting and gutting the foundation of decency. Now he wants Granger’s gym and the old neighborhood in the lower ward, but Brutus, the former Gulf War combat Marine isn’t ready to let his father give it up so easy. Masoni sends his goons to take the gym by force and they kill Granger. Brutus now wants blood.

Brutus has a plan. He tells John Boy and Lee they need to take out all the top gangs in the city to take down Masoni. One gang at a time on their own turf. Black Cobras, Nuestra Beasts, Skulls, Hillside Dragons, and Nazi Fuckers. The baddest of the bad. It’ll have to be fast and furious, one night, one city, five gangs. Every one of them has sworn to allegiance with Masoni through intimidation and fear. Lee and John Boy think it’s a crazy idea. Brutus tells them there is no other way. Lee learns that his younger sister Lisa has been taken by Masoni, s who kidnaps young girls and forces them into drugs and prostitution. John Boy learns his father, now dead, tried to stop Masoni years earlier. Masoni was the reason for his death.

Brutus, Lee and John Boy start into the city. One neighborhood and one gang at a time. It’ll be fast and brutal, just this one night. The baddest of the tough. Three street fighters trying to save their beloved city. Lisa will be freed. John Boy and Lee will learn about honor and integrity. Brutus will have his revenge for the death of Granger. Masoni will lose his empire and Liberty City will be reunited.
One night, one stand, one city.