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Buttermilk Sky

Log Line
Out of work cowboy and smart mouth orphan girl are chased by a Texas Sheriff.

Script Info
Script Type: Feature
Genre: Drama
Est. Budget: Less than $3M

Screenplay Synopsis
Ace Carnahan, last of a dying breed, travels in an ancient Winnebago motor home pulling a two-horse trailer with his misfit menagerie of Wild West show animals - grey timber wolf ‘Wolf’, shaggy buffalo ‘Henry’ and stunt horse ‘Sundance’, all whom have seen better days. A former rodeo circuit bronco rider, Ace follows the trail of a low-budget Wild West Show.

Chased into New Mexico from Texas for causing a disturbance by a determined Sheriff Banta, Ace unwillingly collects sixteen-year-old Jennie, a smart mouth young girl living at an orphanage and being readied for State reform school. Jennie reluctant to be drug to a new home hides in Ace's motor home, showing up in New Mexico, putting Ace in a tough spot to explain. 

The pair are complete opposites. Ace, the quiet one, distrusts everyone, especially smart mouth kids. Jennie the talker, distrusts civil authority and those that offer help. Ace is unable to shake himself of Jennie and allows her to stay temporarily with the Wild West show until he can figure out how to explain her appearance without going to jail. The plan is to deliver her to an unseen aunt in El Paso. Jennie believes in God, but is uncertain of his message. Ace attempts to make amends with his former fiancĂ© Rose, the star performer of the Wild West show. She still hasn’t forgiven Ace for breaking his promise to marry and leaving her alone at the alter four years earlier. Rose and Jennie soon form a close relationship, as Rose tells Jennie that she is was also an orphan and learned that her inner strength came from her belief in the kindness of others.

Bruce, the Wild West show’s popular stunt daredevil motorcycle rider is a trouble maker with a big egotistic attitude and eyes for Rose, much to Ace's dislike. Things heat up between the two men when Bruce tries to claim Rose as his girlfriend, much to Rose’s discomfort. Show owner Roy squelches the exploding conflict at the end of a shotgun, but not before Rose has had enough of both men's selfish interests and distances herself further from Ace. Jennie and Ace soon begin to realize that they both have more in common than not, and a new relationship blooms between them with Rose’s help, while Ace helps Jennie find out about her real parents. The pair are eventually chased down by a determined Sheriff Banta, who arrives unannounced to reclaim Jennie for Texas, as now Ace must make a decision: adopt Jennie and gain Rose's trust again, or continue to run from his past and lose both forever.