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Diamond Rose

Log Line

An out-of-work Hollywood Actress must learn how to ride a horse for a film audition in two weeks but must overcome her fear of animals and of falling in love with a Texas singing cowboy.

Script Info
Script Type: Feature
Genre: Family Romance
Est. Budget: Less than $1M

Screenplay Synopsis
Out of work actress Sophia can't seem to catch a break until her manager announces he's sending her to a Texas horse ranch to learn how to ride and rope for an upcoming Western movie that his director friend is casting.  Sophia has recently been dumped by her fiancĂ©.  When she arrives at the ranch Sophia is surprised to learn the ranch owners are three single brothers -- older brother Owen, the ranch manager, level headed and accommodating; middle brother Clay is reasonable and grounded; and youngest brother Jesse, free spirited and aloof.

Clay is the firm hand of the group, he works with the ranch horses and everything has a reason to be where it is.  Clay is tough, but fair, and when he starts working with Sophia they at once are at odds -- the city girl meets the cowboy.  Sophia doesn’t like Clay and begs her manager to let her come back home, but he tells her to stay, she needs the acting job. We learn Clay once had a chance to be a singer, he chose the ranch and his family over a music career.  Sophia catches him at night working on a new song he has been writing, a love ballad.  She goes with younger brother Jesse to karaoke night and Clay shows up.  The brothers now duel over a fun stomping, high octane song, Sophia is stunned that hard-nosed Clay can be so much fun.  Sophia assumes Clay has a girlfriend in town, and curious she follows him a few nights later – but instead finds him at an elderly resident care facility at his mother's room.  The brother’s mom is suffering from advanced Alzheimer's.  This is also a different side of Clay that Sophia has not seen.   Confused about her feelings for Clay, Sophia calls her best friend Mary Beth a costume designer for advice.  Mary Beth shows up at the ranch with a suitcase full of sexy cowgirl clothes, she knows Sophia has feelings for Clay and wants her back in the dating game.

Just as things start to get close for Sophia and Clay, her manager calls and tells her to fly back home immediately.  Mary Beth sent Sophia’s manager a video of her riding, roping, and shooting at the ranch.  The movie director has decided to hire her!  Sophia leaves without saying goodbye and Clay is hurt, he turns angry.  The brothers host a local fund raising charity event and Clay sits by himself finishing the new love song he has been writing, now dedicated to Sophia – as she suddenly walks through the door.   She turned down the acting job.  She loves Clay.  He gets on stage and sings the new love song, as they are reunite with family and friends.