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Production Support

Talmarc Film Productions can offer you professional production services from your project's conception to completion. We have access to a professional PRODUCTION TEAM, ready to go! Our group offers:

  • Directing (All Media)
  • Screenwriting: Ideas-to-Script, Books-to-Script, Re-writes or Doctoring
  • Budget Estimates (Union & Non-Union)
  • Scheduling (Movie Magic)
  • Executive Summary (Pitch Deck)
  • Financing Assistance & Guidance (Pre-Sale of Film Rebates & MG's)
  • State Film Tax Incentives (Registration & Filing)
  • Line Producing & Accounting (Line Item Formatting)
  • Distribution Connections (Worldwide Sales)

Production Services for Hire

Directing: Thadd Turner is the right director for the right time. 

Finding an experienced film director capable of handling the principal duties of making your movie is not an easy task. Most budget sizes today require a competent director that can think fast on their feet, & has a trustworthy & familiar team surrounding him. 

Working with a professional director like Thadd, who understands the actor's emotional ranges & can capture that essence of their performance with a limited amount of camera set ups & takes, is key to completing the daily work-flow, & help keep your film on budget. Regardless of bad weather, sick actors or crew, funding shortages, & all the other myriad of problems your film may encounter, the director must be the one person who can take any situation & have the foresight & vision to keep your film production on track to completion. 

In addition, Thadd's post production experience is essential to help complete your movie for delivery to it's distributors. Contact Now to set up an interview.

Screenwriting: All good movies start with an IDEA and someone to champion it.  With a penchant for storytelling with the screen always in mind, Thadd can bring your story to life- either from your idea, book, or existing screenplay.  Fee based on project or WGA rates.  Contact now to schedule a consultation.