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"Creating opportunities where both actors and crew
can productively turn story ideas into profitable films."

Founded by Thadd Turner and Robert Turner in 2004, Talmarc Film Productions is a full-service film production company actively involved in film screenwriting, production, and directing. 

With an innate sense at visualizing & defining the structure of a film, Talmarc’s creative vision coupled with a strong business background makes them a good team player.  You can trust that your film project is in good hands!

Talmarc has produced or provided services on over a dozen feature films, documentaries, and videos in the worldwide market.

Thadd Turner
Producer, Director, & Screenwriter 

Thadd is the winner of several prestigious film awards, including two Western Heritage Wrangler Awards for the History Channel's Cowboys and Outlaws: The Real Wyatt Earp, and the feature film Truce.  He won the Western Writers of America Spur Award for Miracle at Sage Creek released through Universal and Starz-Encore.

Thadd has directed feature films 2 Years of Love, Rodeo & Juliet, and country music artist Clay Walker's music video Jesse James. He will direct the upcoming films East of Yuma and Diamond Rose.  

Thadd has produced movies released worldwide and has written over two dozen screenplays, including Rodeo Clown, East of Yuma, Frogs vs Zombies, Palominas, Diamond Rose, The Hard Ride, Taxidermist, The Prophet Margin, Johnny Kidd, Gold Run, The Magic Season, Texas Hold 'Em, Lottie Deno, The Rez, The Prophet Margin, Miracle at Sage Creek, The Adobe Castle, and Bloody Knuckles.


Lenny Mesi
Producer & Writer 

Lenny worked for twenty years in the music industry as a producer and manager, and then with Technicolor for ten years as a Cinetechnician, before joining Talmarc Production as production coordinator on the award winning feature, Miracle at Sage Creek

Lenny has written and developed several screenplays, including 2 Years of Love (aka 2 Years & 8 Days), and My Father's Son scheduled for filming in 2018.


Cynthia Turner
Producer, Production Accounting, & Costumer 

Cynthia works all aspects of film from pre-production to post. Starting her film career in costuming, she has always been her husband's 'right hand wo-man' but now takes a lead role in Producing with focus on Expense Management, and Film Tax Incentive Filing and Submission.   

She continues to do costuming for her business, Yes2Years Fashions, as well as making costumes for Mardi Gras Krewes and Pirates.


Dusty Dukatz
Producer, 1st Assistant Director

Dusty Dukatz is a seasoned Hollywood film & television Producer & 1st Assistant Director known for his high profile projects such as Good Kill, Oceans 12, Legends & Lies 3 Seasons, Entourage, Dodgeball, Supercross, Las Vegas, and Tennessee with Maria Carey. Also many more TV Series, countless commercials and music videos.

A cool, calm and charismatic filmmaker, he is known for his outstanding scheduling, budgeting, and production management which brings his projects in on time and on budget. His national and worldwide connections include A-List actors, award winning production crews and outstanding relationships with worldwide production resources and film commissions.


Mykel Denis
Producer, Line Producer

Mykel Denis got his start working in the world of visual effects, building miniatures & models for the film industry. His film credits include 6 Oscar nominations & 1 win for visual effects in which Mykel had a prominent role in creating the miniatures and models. 

Since then, Mykel has worked all over the world on film & TV projects not only for the domestic market, but international as well. Over the last 15 years, he has moved up the ladder from visual effects coordinating to First Unit supervisor & Production Manager, & ultimately as Line Producer & Producer on several independent & studio projects.  He is a member of the DGA.


Wyatt Turner
Producer, Production Office Coordinator, Line Producer
With an eye for detail and great storytelling, Wyatt started his film career at the young age of seven, playing the sick little boy 'Kit' and co-starring opposite David Carradine in the Spur Award winning family Western "Miracle at Sage Creek".  

Wyatt wrote and co-directed his own short film "Kids in The Yard" at the age of 12, gaining admittance to the Taos Film Festival and featuring over thirty local students from his middle school in Santa Fe, New Mexico.  He also shares writing credit for "Johnny Kidd".

Moving from acting into film production, Wyatt has provided producer, production coordinator, and assistant line producer duties on several feature films, documentaries, and other film projects.  Wyatt has developed a strong sense of moral integrity for assembling and hiring the best available key crew positions to help share Talmarc's vision of quality production value.