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Miracle at Sage Creek

Two families overcome prejudice & tragedy in 1888 Wyoming when a special Christmas Miracle
saves the life of a small boy. 


  SCREENPLAY: Thadd Turner

  DIRECTOR: James Intveld

  PRODUCED BY: Talmarc Film Productions

  STATUS: Released 2006. Re-edited & Re-mixed with new bonus scenes as "Christmas Miracle at Sage Creek"

  FILM LOCATIONS: Mescal Movie Ranch, AZ

  AWARDS:  2006 SPUR AWARD- Best Drama Film & Script
                      2007 Golden Halo Award, Outstanding Production
                      2008 Santa Fe Film Festival, Family Selection            ___________________________________________________

David Carradine
Wes Studi
Michael Parks
Irene Bedard
Tim Abell
Buck Taylor
Thadd Turner
Mark Rolston
Sarah Aldrich
Daniel Quinn
Rance Howard
Tracy Nelson
Francine York
Brian Libby
Darian Weiss
Masam Holden
Wyatt Turner