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Gold Run

Log Line
DEA agents run for their lives after a gold heist goes bad in Mexico.

Script Info
Script Type: Feature
Est. Budget: Less than $6M

Screenplay Synopsis
Open fast on a low flying Black Hawk helicopter that moves quickly over the jungles of Latin America, where pilots SAM GRANT and RICK THOMPSON bicker about who is the best pilot, as they drop to the deck and help evacuate a special ops team under heavy gunfire from Latin drug cartel militia. The night sky explodes around them as Rick saves Sam's ass.

Swipe across the grass covered Arizona-Mexico border, where Sam’s wife ANN runs their small cattle operation with her father JIMMY whose family owns a small copper mine across the border in Mexico. It's been around since before the Pancho Villa revolution. Sam and Rick take a much deserved furlough at the ranch to recover from the firefight in the jungle, when the visit the copper mine and a cave-in reveals a large gold deposit instead. Sam and Ann hire the most affordable hard rock mining crew to help extract the valuable metal, a tough-ass group of South African ex-military types led by non-nonsense crew chief JAN VERGAARD.

The South Africans show up with the latest mining technology and quickly excavate several million dollars of high value gold much to the surprise of Sam, Rick, and Ann. The gold prompts the arrival of a Mexican Army under the command of CAPTAIN CRUZ, who quickly confiscate the gold for the Mexican government, but not before Vergaard and his miners reveal themselves as ruthless Mercenaries intent on using the gold to re-establish a white South Africa dominated government. They shoot down the Mexican soldiers, along with Ann’s father Jimmy, catching a surprised Sam and Rick in the crossfire.

Vergaard and crew take the gold deeper into Mexico, as a wounded Captain Cruz gives chase, wrongly assuming Sam and Rick were responsible for the deaths of his soldiers. The two Americans running for their lives form the Mexican Army, are unable to get back over the border into the U.S., and now decide to chase down Vergaard and his mercenaries to get their gold back and clear their names. Rick blames the entire mess on Sam.

Ann crosses the border to help, as a three-way chase develops that turns into a non-stop action romp through the high deserts, jungles, and mountains of Northern Mexico, finally coming to a smashing halt at an abandoned World War II munitions airbase where the South Africans plan to fly the stolen gold out of the country. Ann ends up in the middle of the fight and is taken captive by Vergaard, as Sam and Rick battle the South Africans and the Mexican Army and try to get their gold back, save Ann and clear their names.