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The Rez

Log Line
DEA agent makes a stand on the Mexico border.

Script Info
Script Type: Feature
Genre: Action
Est. Budget: Less than $4M

Screenplay Synopsis
Unconventional DEA agent Kyle Massey battles violent Mexican drug cartel kingpin Juan Cortez and his bloody henchman Pablito who uses Native American Indians to smuggle drugs and contraband across the unfenced Papago Indian reservation along the Arizona-Mexico border. A decorated special forces Army officer, Kyle is aggressive to a fault, a loner, haunted by images of genocide of the Mosquito Indians from his military service in Central America.  Kyle is under departmental investigation for the shooting deaths of four reservation Indians over the past eighteen months.   Uniquely situated on both sides of the international boundary, The Papago reservation is a perfect entry into the U.S. for cocaine, marijuana, meth, and other contraband.  Kyle prefers action over tactics, and uses brute force with the Indians to get what he wants as he tries to stop the Cartels.  However, Kyle has a bigger nemesis in the form of U.S. prosecutor Jack Tanner, a Ndee mixed Apache and Mexican, who is trying to have Kyle stripped of his duties at the DEA.  Kyle begins to suspect Tanner is receiving money from the drug cartels.

Reporter Ellen Moore investigates Kyle’s hard methods against the Papago Indians, she tries to show him the Third World poverty and little hope many Indians face day to day on the border.  Her people are be used by the Cartels as drug runners, as their only source of income.  Tribal Chief of Police Floyd wants to help Kyle, he’s tired of watching his people lose their values, traditions, and self-worth to the drug trade. Tanner is playing Kyle hard, criticizing him for his brutality to the Indians and setting him up as the fall guy for his own plans to control the drug trade across the reservation. Tanner plays both sides of the fence, as respected prosecutor and as specialized commercial agent for the Cartel.  Educated and highly intelligence, he spanks the cartels when necessary, but profits under the table from their illegal drug business.

Reporter Ellen was born on the reservation and has lost her father and young brother to the drug wars.  Ellen is an active supporter of the Indian cause, criticizing Kyle for his harsh treatment of her people.  When Kyle’s partner Gonzales is brutally killed by Pablito and Ellen is kidnaped, Kyle must fight his way into the Cartel inner circle, only to find Police Chief Floyd on the Cartel payroll, as now Kyle realizes he must begin to help the Indian people break the strangle hold of the Cartel’s brutal grasp in a final showdown of non-stop hard action.  Kyle and Ellen take down Tanner, Floyd, and the Cartel, stopping the onslaught of drugs, but only temporarily, as Kyle decides to make a bigger difference on the border.  He quits the DEA and becomes the new Chief of Police for the reservation and its people.  Walking tall protecting the border.